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Our main mission is simplification the digitalization implementation. We listen and understand our clients and their digital transformation issues.

We design, analyze, manage and coordinate the implementation of various quality systems.

For and with our clients, we develop services and solutions from initial idea to final implementation into the business as usual stage. Turn key or modular base.

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We are professionals in project management in a field of IoT and interdisciplinary digital projects from pre-analyses, project initial design till leading or coordinate them. Such us in the field of ISO quality systems and digital transformation in manufacturing and services companies.

The field of projects may include all the projects stages or only a selected parts or moduls.

We also provide profesional project support, advises, management, control, revision services and/or expertises in collaboration with our reference partners.


The digital transformation of business processes allows us the increase of the revenues and operational efficiency, as well as the competitiveness of enterprises of our clients.


We are specialized for digital transformation of our client’s business processes.


With making internal changes in the level of the mentality of the main decision makers as owners, managers on the different organizational levels and their subordinate employees to effective face with the new technologies in order to improve the end user product or service experiences.

About us

Company ENSER is specialized for research and development and project management in the field of mechatronics, metrology, power engineering, and information technology with a focus on the digitalization, costs and efficiency optimization of various types of industries. We also have many years of experience with the implementation different quality systems according of the ISO standards.


Our expert team is composed entirely of university-educated professionals in the field of economics, civil and power engineering and information technology, with 15+ years of working experiences each.



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