Our mission is to simplify the digital and sustainable energy transformation.


We understand our clients and their digital energy transformation issues.

We design, analyse, manage and coordinate the implementation of various quality systems.

We develop and offer inovative digital energy efficient services and solutions from the initial idea development to the final implementation. Optional also partly or on turnkey.

More about our services.


We are experts in the field of interdisciplinary digital energy projects such as pre-analyses and initial design, including management and implementation regarding the quality systems and digital transformation in different companies.

Project work may include all project stages or only individual stages and modules.


We provide professional project support, consulting, management, supervision and revision services.


In collaboration with our reference associate partners, we also draft expert opinions and projects audits.


The digital and energy transformation of business processes enables revenue increase and operational efficiency as well as long-term competitiveness and business sustainability of our clients' companies.

We are specialised in digital and energy transformation of our clients' business processes.

Due to efficient changes in mentality of the main decision-makers, such as owners and managers on different organisational levels and their subordinate employees, we provide new technologies in order to improve the end user product or service experience.

About us

Company Enser d.o.o. is specialised for services and solutions in the field of mechatronics, metrology and electrical engineering with a focus on the digital and sustainable energy transformation.


We also have many years of experience in implementing various quality systems, which we are gradually upgrading with the implementation of soft and gradual digital transformation projects that bring our clients both short-term and long-term economic effects and, of course, competitive advantage and sustainable business stability.


Our expert team is composed of professionals holding degrees in economics, civil and electrical engineering and information technology with an average of 15+ years of work experience. Many credible associated experts and partners further strengthen our team.



Enser d.o.o.

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