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Enser is specialised in digital transformation and IoT services in different industries. We have many years of experience in introducing and deploying quality systems in various high-tech industries, while our clients can concentrate on their own competencies, daily activities and business issues. We provide experienced professional experts as well professionals from selected portfolios of our reference associate partners to optimise and develop basic and support business processes.

Our services consist of:

  • digital transformation in a selected business fields: pulp and paper industry, energy sector and tourism,

  • design, management, supervision, revision and optimization of the quality systems: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001,

  • design and engineering of specialized IoT interdisciplinary solutions or turnkey projects,

  • tailored energy analysis, processing and visualisation of data adjusted to individual needs of our clients.


Contact us for more detailed information, references or offer preparation. We will consider your business issue or problem carefully.


In the field of end-to-end IoT projects development, we collaborate closely with our partners. Our service portfolio also covers hardware development, radio protocols, data processing and visualisation.